Pet Shirts: More Care, Less Stress

In a recent study of 434 dogs and cats, more than 74% of pet parents said their pets experienced poor quality of life wearing the ‘cone of shame’ – the most common item used following veterinary surgery. The most basic needs such as eating, drinking and sleeping can be seriously hampered by a pet cone, and many well-meaning pet owners aren’t aware that there’s any other option.

Fortunately, pet shirts and pet sleeves are a far more practical and caring way to keep surgical sites and injuries clean and help them heal faster, while avoiding the trauma of the cone.

Low-Stress Pet Shirts 

Imagine if we had to wear a cone after surgery, and how frustrating and stressful life would be, trying to heal while also dealing with extra movement restrictions! Pet shirts and sleeves can greatly reduce stress for you and your pet.

For our furry friends, an unknown barrier (the cone) that makes it difficult to reach food or water can be not only be uncomfortable but cause a lot of anxiety, and we have no way of explaining to them that it’s there for their own good… We have experienced that sad, helpless feeling with our own pets, and it was heartbreaking. We also spent countless hours watching them, making sure they didn’t hurt themselves trying to get out of the cone, and wishing we could somehow make them feel less scared and confused.

Many pet parents have complained that their pets have stopped eating and lost significant amounts of weight while wearing the cone of shame – at a time when they need all their strength to heal.

Medical pet shirts fit snugly, so they don’t get in the way, get stuck on furniture, or restrict their ability to eat and drink normally. They can move around freely (aside from limitations of the surgery itself) and they can’t get through the shirt to lick the surgical site or bite those stitches. What’s more, your other pets also won’t be able to reach the site, which is often a concern with pets wearing a cone.

Hearing Health

One of the most traumatic things about a pet cone is that it amplifies sounds, and that can be absolutely terrifying for the poor animal, who has no idea what’s happening or why. The Shirt simply removes this risk – instant stress reduction!

The Best Fit For Your Pet

For added comfort, we have a range of Shirts and sleeves so you can choose one that best fits your pet, and is best suited to the area that needs to be protected. With greater comfort and the right fit, you can also rest assured that the surgery or injured area has less exposure to the elements, keeping it even cleaner.

That helps us worry a whole lot less and feel confident that our beloved pets will heal and feel better sooner.

Ask your vet which Shirt or sleeve is best after your pet’s surgery. Whether it’s a front or back leg, the head or neck, abdomen, a skin condition, or you need to look after your puppy after spaying/neutering, there are specially designed Shirts and sleeves to take the best possible care during your pet’s healing process.

These Shirts and sleeves are machine washable too, so those of us who get extra-concerned about hygiene can breathe another sigh of relief.

Feel The Love In A Pet Shirt

We have no doubt that every pet will feel the warmth and caring in a pet Shirt or sleeve, and be far less stressed than they would have been with the dreaded cone of shame. We’re confident that loving pet parents will also feel safer, happier, and far less stressed thanks to medical pet Shirts and pet sleeves, and that you’ll soon see the difference in those bright, sparkly eyes and wagging tails.

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