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Pets go missing – often!

The sad reality of owning is a pet is that they go missing. They are after all animals who like to explore. Sometimes, they find an interesting smell or see something to chase but either way when they wonder off, they sometimes don’t return!

It’s a tough balance keeping your beloved pet safe. It isn’t right to keep them indoors when their natural instincts are to be free! With TailMe’s help you can let your loved ones be free while still having the assurance that they will be safe.

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Pets get lost in their lifetime
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Dogs and Cats in South Africa
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The Best Pets Deserve The Best

And every pet is the best pet, obviously 🙂

Losing a pet is awful. We’re pet parents and we know the stress and heartache it can cause if they go missing.

The worst part is not knowing. Most tracking chips can only be checked if someone finds your pet and takes them to a vet – there’s nothing you can do but sit and wait, and that really doesn’t work for us!

Our founder and CEO, Gavin, has extensive experience with IoT technology (read more about that here). That experience includes developing tracking systems and devices for products, vehicles, wildlife, and much more. After the trauma of his cat getting lost, Gavin decided pets deserved the same level of care and monitoring as any other valuable item.

Gavin used his experience, industry insights and know-how to set up the best GPS tracker for his pets, so that he could keep tabs on them and keep them safe. Now we’re making that available to you, so you can rest easy knowing your fur-kids are online and easy to find, just in case.

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