The Vet’s Choice: Medical Pet Shirts & Sleeves

We have told you all about the most common uses of medical pet apparel, for recovery from surgery and injuries, but there are also a number of specialist uses – and some specially designed products – that are particularly popular with vets.

Cooling Pet Shirts and Medical Pet Shirts

The ‘At Home Dry Cooling Shirt’ for dogs is a full body cooling suit that covers the chest, back and stomach. It has a layer/compartment that can be filled with water to keep the back and belly cool – with a secure valve cap for easy refilling.

It has an adjustable neck and is made from stretchy fabric, for extra comfort and care.

Cooling may be needed if your dog suffers from heat stress, especially during the summer months, but there are also a number of medical conditions for which vets recommend cooling shirts.

Pressure Shirts

The 4-in-1 dog shirt has a calming effect thanks to gentle pressure – and this pressure can be increased or decreased with the adjustable straps.

This is also a full recovery suit, so it fulfills all the usual uses of a pet shirt with calming as a great bonus – calming is often needed if pets are stressed or anxious after surgery.

IV Access and Placement

Many animals need an IV before or after surgery. These are times they will generally still be at the vet’s rooms or staying in the clinic, and it’s one of the times vets find medical pet shirts and sleeves extremely useful.

Rather than relying on tape to keep an IV in place, some sleeves and suits have space for an IV, ensuring that it stays in place and can’t be tampered with or chewed.

Leg Logistics

Pet sleeves are designed to fit either a front or back leg, left or right, and there are also “double” designs that protect both back legs or both front legs, for the best fit and comfort.

Boots And All

Some situations will need a boot rather than a sleeve. This is usually used if the paw or lower leg is injured and needs to be kept clean.

In Your Head

Yes, there are head coverings too, and these are way more than a fashion statement!

Headgear can be used if your pet has an ear infection, to stop them from scratching the affected ear and causing more damage, and of course if there is any surgery or injury in the head or ear area.

This cover has side pockets so you can add extra padding if needed, and comfortable but very secure straps to ensure a snug fit to keep the cap in place.

Keeping It Tidy

A number of medical pet shirts have extra fastenings and pocket areas that allow you to add extras. These could include:

  • Portable devices, such as ECG readers
  • Portable infusion (IV) systems
  • Padding
  • Sanitary towels
  • Cooling packs

This is by no means an exhaustive list of uses, but should give you an idea of the many ways in which medical pet shirts, sleeves, caps and boots are chosen by vets to provide our pets with the very best care.

Always speak to your vet for professional advice about the best medical treatment for your pet, and we’re sure they’ll be happy to help you find the product and fit that will give you and your loved ones the best recovery possible.

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