Medical Pet Apparel: Your Frequently Asked Questions

Our pet recovery shirts have arrived in South Africa! We’re excited to already have vet practices ordering stock, as well as individual pet owners who want the best for their four-legged loved ones… As this is all quite new to the South African pet world, we have also been getting a lot of questions.

Here are the big questions and answers about all your medical pet apparel needs…

Please note that the TailMe team are loving pet parents and have conducted extensive research to find the best products available, but we are not qualified veterinarians. For all questions regarding your pet’s health, please speak to your vet.

  1. Is a pet shirt or sleeve better than the cone of shame?

In most cases a shirt or sleeve provides far more comfort and avoids the anxiety so often caused by wearing a cone – amplified noise, bumping into things, being unable to reach food and water, being unable to sleep comfortably, and major stress caused by the presence of a strange object, on top of pain and discomfort from surgery.

The sleeve or shirt also keeps the covered area far cleaner, and stops other pets from getting to the surgical site or injury.

There are a few cases in which vets still recommend using a cone though, so it’s always a good idea to check with them – your vet will also be able to help you choose the best sleeve/shirt for your pet’s needs.

  • How long can a pet shirt or sleeve be used for?

Our manufacturers advise that it can be used for a few days at a time, but remember that these medical shirts and sleeves are machine washable, so it’s easy to keep the cover clean without too much hassle, and continue using it for even longer or when you need it again.

Once again, your vet will tell you how long bandages, stitches or other treatments need to be in place for each specific situation, so please follow their guidance.

  • Are there different sizes for different pets?

Yes! We have a wide range of sizes in pet shirts/shirts, single sleeves, double sleeves, head coverings, pressure shirts, cooling shirts, and more. Check our website to find the best fit for your fur-kids.

  • My dog can chew his way through anything… can he get through the pet shirt?

Our medical pet apparel is made from top-quality fabrics and manufactured to the highest standards, with secure fastenings and extreme care taken not to have chewable bits or edges that can be pulled.

We know our pets can be persistent, but thanks to the relative comfort of these pet shirts and pet sleeves, as well as their breathability and non-scratchy composition, it should be a lot easier for your pet to relax and forget that they’re wearing anything.

Compared to bandages, cones, and other medical devices, a well-fitted shirt or sleeve is much harder to bite or remove – for the pet wearing it, as well as any other pets or children.

  • Will my dog be able to move around and go for a walk?

Yes. Unless movement is limited by the actual injury or surgery, a medical pet suit or sleeve allows them to move freely. The medical pet gear fits comfortably so it can move with your pet’s body, without getting caught on tables, branches, or other objects.

  • Which pets can these shirts and sleeves be used for?

Most of the range is designed for dogs. There are also recovery shirts designed specifically for cats, and there’s even one for rabbits!

  • Do vets use cones or pet shirts?

In the past, medical pet shirts and sleeves haven’t been very easy to get hold of in SA, so a lot of vets were still using the dreaded cone of shame.  We’re pleased to say we have received some bulk orders from vet practices who will be using pet shirts and sleeves from now on.

Vets around the world, including the UK and USA, are already big fans of medical pet gear and use it extensively.

  • How do I find the best fit for my pet?

It’s easy – you’ll need to take some very simple measurements, depending on whether you want to get a medical sleeve or medical shirt/shirt, and we have a number of resources to help you do that. Take a look at our product pages for measurement tables, videos and more.

  • What about safety?

Our medical pet shirts and sleeves are made entirely from pet-friendly, non-toxic materials, so even if they do try to lick/chew the item, it can’t hurt them.

Our medical pet apparel is also designed to be as eco-friendly as possible, and all items are washable and re-usable to avoid wastage.

  • Is a pet shirt helpful for taking care of my pet after spaying or neutering?

It certainly is. These medical pet garments are useful after almost any type of surgery, keeping the area clean so it can heal faster, and preventing the pet from licking/biting the area or removing stitches – one of the most common problems following pet surgeries.

With our range of sizes you can find a shirt that fits a puppy or kitten perfectly, giving them the most comforting, loving care while they recover.

Does your pet need a medical sleeve or shirt/shirt? Take a look at our range and show you care!

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