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Designed to meet the diverse needs of your furry patients, the MPS Medical Recovery Starter Pack is the ideal solution for veterinarians looking to provide top-quality care and support during the recovery process. This comprehensive pack includes a range of garment sizes, ensuring that you have the perfect fit for pets of all shapes and sizes. With our garments, you can help pets heal swiftly and comfortably while addressing a variety of medical and non-medical concerns.

Medical Uses:

  1. Post-Surgery or Medical Procedure Recovery:
    • Protect wounds and aid in the healing process.
    • Ensure a comfortable and secure fit for optimal recovery.
  2. Protection for Medical Equipment:
    • Safeguard IV lines near the front leg.
    • Provide support and stability for a Holter ECG, monitoring heart activity.
  3. Address Skin Problems:
    • Minimize scratching and biting in pets with fungal infections, hair loss, hot spots, and allergies.
    • Prevent licking off of ointments, promoting effective treatment.
  4. Ear Problems:
    • Prevent ear flapping in pets with aural hematomas.
    • Aid in the healing process and promote ear health.

Additional Benefits:

  1. Nursing Time Off:
    • Provide nursing dogs, cats, and rabbits with some respite.
    • Help maintain a hygienic environment while supporting the recovery process.
  2. Heat Cycle Protection:
    • Offer protection and comfort during heat cycles.
  3. Incontinence Stain Reduction:
    • Minimize stains caused by incontinence, ensuring cleanliness.
  4. Shedding Control:
    • Reduce shedding in the house or car, keeping surroundings clean.
  5. Cooling Pad Compatibility:
    • Special pockets on the recovery suit allow for the insertion of cooling pads.
    • Help regulate body temperature during the recovery period.
  6. Calming Effect:
    • The gentle pressure exerted by the suit offers a calming effect for most dogs.
    • Promote relaxation and comfort during the healing process.

With the MPS Medical Recovery Starter Pack, you can enhance the quality of care provided to your patients while streamlining your veterinary practice. Our garments are made with utmost care and attention to detail, ensuring durability, comfort, and optimal functionality. Trust in our products to support the well-being and recovery of your beloved patients.

Choose the Pet Medical Recovery Garment Starter Pack and experience the difference it can make in your veterinary practice today.

Place your order and embark on a journey of superior pet care!


Protective shirt (Dog XS, S, M, L – Cat XS), Single Recovery Sleeve (XS, S, M, L), 4 in 1 Top Shirt (XS, S, M, L)

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  1. Nona (verified owner)

    The team was accommodating to my schedule and preferences.

  2. Soledad (verified owner)

    The results speak for themselves.

  3. Ima (verified owner)

    A reliable and trustworthy service provider.

  4. Casimer (verified owner)

    The service was fast without sacrificing quality.

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