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The Suitical single paw recovery sleeve for dogs is the perfect alternative to the dreaded cone of shame for any injury on the front paw.

It is comfortable, veterinarian approved and the perfect way to keep your pet comfortable while recovering.


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The Suitical at home Recovery Sleeve is a single paw medical recovery garment for dogs. It covers the shoulder and a single front paw (left or right).

TailMe’s Medical Recovery Range for pets: The Better Solution for Your Pet’s Recovery.

Do you dread the “cone of shame” when it comes to your pet’s recovery? There is a better way to help your pet recover from medical procedures or health issues without the discomfort of the cone. Introducing TailMe’s Medical Recovery Range for pets, which have been loved by veterinarians and pet owners around the world for over a decade and are now available in South Africa.

Why say no to the Cone?

The cone is not only uncomfortable for your pets, but it also causes additional stress and slows down the recovery process. Your pet cannot walk through doors, eat or get comfortable. Cones amplify the sounds your pets hear while also removing their spatial awareness, causing further anxiety.

Worst of all, the cone is not even effective under most circumstances. It only prevents your pet’s head from accessing a wound while leaving the limbs able to touch the area. The wound is also exposed to the environment increasing infection risk substantially.

Do the Best for Your Pet.

TailMe’s Medical Recovery Range for Pets are designed to replace the cone with a comfortable and effective solution. Here are the benefits:

  • Wide range of uses to help your pet recover after surgery or a medical procedure
  • Comfortable for your pet to wear
  • Helps to reduce stress and speed up recovery
  • Your pet has freedom to move, eat & drink
  • Furniture-friendly
  • Sustainable and cost-effective – the garment is washable and reusable
  • Designed with Vets and made from high-quality, sustainable materials
  • Covers affected area
  • Reusable and Machine washable

When Should Your Pet Use a Medical Recovery Garment?

TailMe’s medical recovery shirts are designed to help with many common problems that pets and pet owners face. They come in a range of sizes to suit the smallest kitten or the biggest dog. Here are some common medical uses:

  • After Surgery or a Medical Procedure: The garment protects wounds and helps your pet recover swiftly.
  • Protecting Medical Equipment: The garment is effective in protecting medical equipment like IV lines near the front leg or a Holter ECG, which monitors heart activity.
  • Skin Problems: If your pet has skin problems including fungal infections, hair loss, hot spots, and allergies, the garment minimizes scratching and biting, limits over-grooming, and prevents ointments from being licked off.

Replace the Cone with a More Comfortable Solution

Say goodbye to the cone and say hello to TailMe’s Medical Recovery options for pets, which are the best way to help your pet recover from a medical procedure or health issue. With us, your pet will feel comfortable and stress-free, leading to a quicker and more effective recovery.

Measurements and Sizing

It is suitable for dogs with a chest circumference? from 27cm (3XS) to 124cm (2XL). And a leg length from 10cm (3XS) to 48cm (2XL)

Chest circumference is measured from just behind their front paws. Leg length is measured from under the armpit on the inside of their wrist.

3XSMALL 27 -33 cm 10 cm
2XSMALL 30-43 cm 12 cm
XSMALL 40-52 cm 17 cm
SMALL 45-61 cm 23 cm
MEDIUM 54-68 cm 26 cm
LARGE 64-84 cm 35 cm
XLARGE 80- 104 cm 41 cm
2XLARGE 96- 124 cm 48 cm


  • Comfort adjustment press studs along the top of shoulder
  • stretch bands around the collar for added comfort
  • Calming pressure effect around chest
  • Left or right leg
  • Soft long sleeve. If too long can be folded.

2XL, 2XS, 3XS, L, M, S, XL, XS

17 reviews for Suitical – at home Recovery Sleeve – DOG

  1. Jacinthe (verified owner)

    Helped my pet avoid the anxiety and discomfort associated with traditional cones.

  2. Felix (verified owner)

    A fantastic alternative to the cone of shame – my pet is much happier.

  3. Kelly (verified owner)

    The Suitical sleeve’s design is simple yet highly effective in aiding paw recovery.

  4. Rosie (verified owner)

    The Suitical recovery sleeve is a blessing for paw injuries, ensuring a smooth recovery.

  5. Teddy (verified owner)

    Great for preventing post-surgery complications and ensuring a smooth recovery.

  6. Laurine (verified owner)

    Better than the cone. That by itself is a win!

  7. Ernestina (verified owner)

    The Suitical recovery sleeve is an investment in my pet’s speedy and comfortable recovery.

  8. Katelynn (verified owner)

    I feel like I’m getting more than my money’s worth.

  9. Luciano (verified owner)

    Durable – it held up even during rough play. Protects wounds and definitely was more comfortable.

  10. Liezl (verified owner)

    Easy to check up on my dog because I can just take it off and put it back on. So much better than a cone!

  11. Yadira (verified owner)

    I felt valued as a customer from the moment I contacted them.

  12. Chelsey (verified owner)

    I love the fact that they say #SAYNOTOTHECONE because thats exactly right! No more cones for my little one.

  13. Amelia (verified owner)

    I feel confident leaving my pet alone knowing their injured paw is protected.

  14. Antoinette (verified owner)

    They made me feel confident and secure throughout the process. My dog hates the cone and was so much more comfortable in this.

  15. Reinhold (verified owner)

    Versatile – suitable for various medical conditions and recovery needs. Used mine twice already. Hope to never need it again.

  16. Dayna (verified owner)

    Flexible sizing options ensure a perfect fit for pets of all shapes and breeds. Couldn’t have worked better for my dogs granuloma.

  17. Claud (verified owner)

    Surpassed other products in its category.

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