Does My Pet Need A Recovery Shirt Or Sleeve

There are many medical pet shirt and sleeve options, and all sorts of situations in which they can be useful – for the wellbeing and peace of mind of your pet, and yourself!

Your Pet’s Medical Needs

There are countless different situations that can make a pet shirt or pet sleeve a must-have – just think of all the times you would previously have fitted them with an awkward cone of shame!

Now there’s a far better option for most of those cases: the medical pet shirt or pet sleeve, which drastically improves comfort and healing, and decreases stress.

It’s impossible to list every potential condition, but some of the most common uses for medical pet shirts and sleeves include:

  • Post-surgery – To keep the area clean, stop the pet from licking the surgical site, avoid infections, and prevent the stitches from being chewed.
  • Protecting injuries – If an area has been cut or grazed and you want to protect it for better healing.
  • Skin conditions and ‘hot spots’ – There are a number of skin conditions that can affect your pet. Most of them require treatment that the pet (and any other animals) mustn’t lick, and  the area should be kept covered but breathable.
  • Spaying and neutering – For puppies and adult pets, these procedures are some of the most common. These are surgical sites and they need all the care and protection they can get.
  • Overgrooming – This can have a few different causes, which your vet must look into, but it often helps to give your pet’s skin a good break and keep it covered so it can heal.
  • A break from nursing – If your dog has just given birth to puppies, their feeding can become exhausting or painful, especially with a large litter. A pet shirt will give the new doggy-mom a chance to rest, even if it’s just for a little while.

Dogs, Cats and More…

We are often asked which pets can use these products. All the pet shirts and sleeves that we supply are suitable for dogs, and there are shirts specifically designed for cats. Leg sleeves and head covers should be suitable for cats too, but please check with your vet as this will depend on the surgery/condition being treated and your pet’s specific needs.

Creatures Great and Small

Whether you have a Chihuahua, a Great Dane, or any breed in between, there are shirts and sleeves specifically suited to your pet. Fastenings are adjustable (and secure so they aren’t easily chewed off!) Look for the best possible fit for your pet, and we recommend not making these items too tight as they need to be breathable and comfortable. It’s a good idea to measure your pet before making your purchase, and make sure you’re getting the correct size.

It’s also worth chatting to your vet to ensure that the sleeve or shirt will cover the correct areas and provide your pet with the most comfortable and suitable healing they can get. Which medical pet shirt or sleeve can make life more pleasant for your pet? Check out our range here and find the most suit-able and stylish healing gear!  

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