Case Study: Medical Recovery for a Licking Granuloma

Pablo the Weimaraner suffers from a chronic licking granuloma which is a common skin disorder in dogs characterized by a circular wound caused by excessive licking and biting of the skin. The condition is also referred to as acral lick dermatitis, and it often occurs on the front paws, but it can affect other parts of the body too. The condition is known to affect dogs of all breeds and ages, but it is more common in large dog breeds.

A licking granuloma is believed to be caused by several factors, including boredom, stress, anxiety, allergies, and skin infections. The constant licking and biting of the skin irritate the skin, leading to inflammation, infection, and the formation a wound.

Pablo, being a difficult customer, has had multiple surgeries, antibiotics and ointments to try and treat his wound. Unfortunately, none of the treatments have been effective in treating the wound or breaking the licking cycle causing the partially recovered wound becoming larger and eventually infected repeatedly.

TailMe, a pet ecommerce company that specialises in technological solutions for pets and who have the exclusive agency in South Africa for a pet recovery product line (Medical Pet Shirts or MPS). They presented a single paw recovery sleeve to Pablo as part of a clinical trial run by a popular vet based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The MPS recovery sleeve used as part of the trial is designed to protect and support the wound site, allowing it to heal and recover. The sleeve is much more comfortable than a traditional cone causing no further anxiety to Pablo. The sleeve is designed for all sizes of dogs which allowed Pablo to get one that perfectly fits his body shape.

It was the hope of the trial to provide a comfortable covering of Pablos wound to allow it to heal and by restricting Pablo’s access to the wound to break the licking cycle which would allow Pablo to heal fully.

According to Dr JP the MPS single paw recovery sleeve was incredibly successful in treating Pablo. The sleeve was very comfortable and fitted well so Pablo didn’t attempt to remove it. It covered the wound very well without causing further itching and therefore didn’t trigger additional licking or biting. After a number of days it was evident that the granuloma was shrinking and that he wasn’t actively licking or biting at it.

Dr JP and the entire team at the busy Johannesburg practice was thrilled at the result as it comprehensively proved that the single paw recovery sleeve was an excellent treatment option for Pablo’s licking granuloma. Breaking the licking cycle in Pablo has allowed the wound site to heal for the first time in years.

Overall, the MPS single paw recovery sleeve is a promising treatment option for dogs suffering from licking granuloma. It offers a non-invasive and effective approach to breaking the licking cycle and promoting wound healing.

The MPS range of Medical Recovery Shirts is an effective alternative to the traditional cone and at treating topical wounds, protecting sutures, alleviating skin conditions and assisting with active veterinary care.

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*With thanks to Pablos owners for providing permission to allow his case study to be used
*Names have been changed to respect the identities of those involved

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