What makes a good pet shirt?

Pet shirts, sleeves and medical apparel are quite new – especially to the South African market – so how do you know which one to choose?

We believe the most effective pet shirts and sleeves combine optimum quality and comfort with real value, to provide the care and protection your pet needs.

Comfortable With Quality 

Making our pets more comfortable after a painful injury or surgery is a top priority, so the fabric and fit of the garment are extremely important. So is durability of the fabric and fastenings, as we can’t have bits that are easy to chew off!

In sourcing these products, we searched around the world and focused on these key factors:

  • Products developed in partnership with vets, to maximise comfort and healing.
  • Pet-friendly and non-toxic materials, for total safety at all times.
  • Made from quality materials that can’t easily tear or be chewed.
  • They must be easy to care for and last a long time – not thrown away after a week or two.
  • Professional design to ensure a good fit, so each Shirt or sleeve is as soothing and calming as possible.
  • Quality checks: Our selected range undergoes multiple quality checks throughout the manufacturing and delivery process.

Our range of medical pet Shirts and sleeves have a patented, breathable design to make them as soothing and calming as possible for your pet.

These medical pet sleeves and shirts also have a great hold-up system that’s designed to make it easy to take your dog for a walk, and for them to be active and move around on their own, which is so important to reduce stress and speed up recovery.


Our pet Shirts and sleeves are machine-washable, which means you can keep them clean easily while they’re being used, and have them on hand in case you need to use them again. Adjustable fastenings mean that the same item can often be used on different pets, as long as they are a similar size.

Of course we always hope that it won’t be necessary, but if the surgery or injury does need to be treated again in future, you’ll be prepared.

Real Value

Times are tough around the world and it can be tempting to choose the cheapest option, such as the dreaded cone of shame.

We all know what happens if we insist on the cheapest items for ourselves – be it clothing, cars, or medical treatment. Those cheap items tend to break faster, don’t do what they need to do, and often end up costing even more when we have to replace them soon after purchase.

Pet shirts and pet sleeves may cost more than the old-school pet cone, but there really is no comparison for your pet’s comfort, healing, reduced stress, and general well being.

When it comes to our own health and the well being of our loved ones, quality is of the utmost importance. We firmly believe that should be the case for our beloved pets too – and it really doesn’t have to break the bank!

Spending just a little more on a quality pet shirt or sleeve can save days or even weeks of recovery time. It can also add happiness and comfort for your pet that doesn’t have a monetary value, but the peace and happiness it adds to our own pet-parent hearts is enormous, and to us that’s worth everything!

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