Benefits of an Automatic Feeder

In the TailMe house we always make sure our pets have a full bowl of food. Whenever we sit down for a meal we check their bowl too and if it’s empty we top it up before we eat. That is until we started using our automatic feeder.

We absolutely love our automatic feeder and here’s why.

We can monitor food quantities very accurately and have a log on the app. Early detection of medical issues and dieting are two very common issues that are directly related to how much a pet is feeding. Since pets typically stop eating when they have medical issues a very full bowl or regular “full bowl” warnings could be a sign something is wrong with your pet. Similarly pets who free feed and overeat can be fed more regularly but smaller portions which will help them diet better without starving them. Since the app is easy to use you can also slowly reduce feed sizes instead of just lowering the amount of food you are giving them or guessing food quantities.

Feed your pets when you’re away from home. We know that sometimes life takes over and you need to work late or visit friends etc… and can’t be home at every moment of the day. Knowing that everyday at 8am and 6pm my pets are fed regardless of where I am is an absolutely wonderful feeling.

The freedom to travel while ensuring your pets are always fed. We’re quite lucky, we’ve always free fed so we can leave a large bowl overnight but not more than one night. With an automatic feeder we don’t need to leave a large bowl. In fact we need to do nothing more than check that the food bay has enough to last the next few feeds. (*Even though we could spend more nights away from home we’d still get a pet sitter for longer durations. Food isn’t the only factor. Pet anxiety levels or just simply keeping their minds active is also an essential requirement).

Our automatic feeder also saves us on huge costs of having a pet sitter come over and feed once or twice a day for our short trips.  Pet sitters can easily cost R250 per day. It only takes a few weekends away to pay for the cost of the feeder while enjoying all its other benefits. The other factor is that there is no need take your pets to a cattery or kennel especially for short trips. Those places are difficult for pets to adjust to quickly and simply isn’t worth causing the extra stress for your beloved pets.

Feeding flexibility is a wonderful human pet benefit. We now feed at a convenient time for your pet without disturbing any part of our routine. If we needed to feed at 4am we could do so as easily as 8am. We could also feed 6 times a day at any defined time if we wanted.

Consistent feed time is vital for your pets’ anxiety levels. Feeding them consistently helps them know when food is available preventing highly stressed pets becoming anxious about food. This will help slow down feeds or prevent overfeeding.

Food quantity monitoring using the app can indicate early signs of medical issues or just simply prevent over feeding. Suitable dietary volumes will lead to healthier happier pets.

Manual feeding at inconvenient times is easy with the app. Who hasn’t had a pet wake you in the middle of the night because they’re hungry? All you now need to do is go onto the app and set a manual feed. Your pet’s happy and so are you!

Remote monitoring – missing your pet or just wanting to check up on your house is just an app away. The app lets you view a video feed or listen to an audio stream or if you like talking to your pet initiate two way communication with them.

Feed your pets while away from home. Ever been home late or been unable to feed your pets at the right time. The automatic feeder lets you set a desired time to automatically feed or you can set a manual feed.

It is cheaper and safer than a pet sitter – who likes paying strangers to live in their house? Not me! With the automatic feeder short trips away from home are an absolute breeze. Your pets will have enough food and you can check up on them. A few weekends away and you’ll pay for your feeder in just pet sitting fees alone.

It is less stressful for pets to remain at home instead of a pet sitter or cattery/kennel. Access to food is only one aspect. It’s incredibly stressful to have strangers living at home. It’s also very stressful to take your pet to a cattery or kennel. Utilising an automatic feeder gives your pets the best of both worlds, ready consistent access to food and a comfortable familiar environment while you’re out traveling.

Even though it isn’t hard to scoop food everyday an automatic feeder is really worth it.

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