Doggy Slow Puzzle Feeder


The doggy slow feeder puzzle features a standard bowl or a slow feeder puzzle. Your dog will have great fun eating from this bowl. Solving the puzzle requires your dog to move one of the many food bays along the slider until it reaches the opening which drops all the food into the main bowl section.

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The perfect solution for pet owners worried about their pets eating too fast, the Doggy Slow Puzzle Feeder! This innovative bowl can be used as both a regular bowl and a slow feeder puzzle to extend feeding time and protect your pet’s stomach from serious health issues.

When used as a regular bowl, simply place your pet’s food in the centre section and allow them to eat in a conventional manner. However, when used as a slow feeder puzzle, small amounts of food can be loaded into each food bay on the outside perimeter using a small funnel. Your pet will then need to slide the food bay towards the dispensing holes, where the food will drop out below, allowing them to eat from the centre bowl. This encourages your pet to take small breaks between eating and sliding the food bay along, slowing down feeding time and making it more enjoyable.

Not only is the Slow Feeder Bowl ideal for dogs and cats who eat too fast, but pets with food anxiety are also less stressed playing games while feeding. Over time, they learn to eat slower as their normal feeding becomes slower, increasing pet stimulation levels while feeding.

With the Slow Feeder Bowl, you can be sure that your furry friend is not only enjoying their food, but also taking their time to chew and digest it properly, avoiding serious health issues. So why not try the Slow Feeder Bowl today and give your pet a healthier, more enjoyable mealtime experience!


Rubber non-slip feet, Durable food safe plastic




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