Incorrect Location

To explain how the trackers work – there are multiple systems they use to get a location. #

1. The best and most accurate is GPS. Generally you would need to be outside for this to work and it can take a bit of time when it hasn’t connected for a while. The GPS also does time out after a bit if it doesn’t get a signal. Because if it kept trying repeatedly it would completely drain the battery. It’ll then request a GPS location automatically next time after the interval you have set it to has passed. Or you can manually request a GPS signal by pressing ‘locate’.

2. If the tracker doesn’t get a GPS signal, it looks for a WiFi signal. This reports where the WiFi is coming from that the tracker connected to, and not the actual location of the tracker so there will be some inaccuracies but it will give you a location within 30-100m depending on the strength of the signal. If you have a WiFi reading the location marker will say ‘WiFi’. The Wifi Location database is maintained by Google so can also sometimes be inaccurate.

3. If WiFi doesn’t work then the tracker will look for cellphone towers. Depending on the strength of the signal it’s getting and how many towers it can ‘see’ it’ll estimate a location. This is what is happening when you see ‘LBS’ in the purple on the location label. It’s the least accurate but is also a backup to give a general area.

Trouble Shooting #

1. The tracker was indoors and could not get a GPS fix but found a wifi hot spot nearby. The tracker uses the Google wifi hot spot database which tracks the location of all Wifi hotspots on the planet. If the hot spot has been moved it is possible the database has not yet been updated. Unfortunately this is out of your control. Over time Google will correct this.

2. The tracker was indoors but used the LBS function and the tower it had connected to was far from home. 

3. The tracker did not get a good GPS fix and placed the pin in the wrong location.

On the map does it have a GPS, LBS or Wifi symbol?

Try update the tracker location while it is outside? does it continue giving you an incorrect location? If so then please contact us directly for more troubleshooting help.

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