Bark Training User Manual

Ultrasonic Bark House Instruction #

When the Ultrasonic Bark House is within the range of a barking dog , the sensitive component – Microphone will pick up the sound , then the unit is automatically activated . The bark house emits an ultrasonic sound . The ultrasonic sound can be heard by dogs but is silent to humans . Startled by the high-pitched sound that is safe and effective , the dog will stop barking , as it will associate its bark with this unpleasant noise . When the dog stops barking the ultrasonic sound stops too. The Ultrasonic Bark House provides you with an effective and humane way to train your pets to stop barking faster and better.

Main Features #

  1. Uses ultrasonic sound to deter unwanted barking
  2. Ultrasonic sound Speakers with bigger sound
  3. Detects the sound of barking up to 15 meters
  4. Levels of operation including test mode , 3 range levels , On/Off switch
  5. Durable and weatherproof for outdoor use.
  6. LED power indication
  7. Unit size: LWH= 98.565115.5MM
  8. Powered by 9-Volt battery

Two color LED : Shows battery status and operation mode .
Normal: The Green Led flashes 1 time per 5 seconds. When emitting the ultrasonic sound , the Red LED is solid.
Low battery: The Red Led flashes 1 time per second .
Test mode :The Green Led flashes 1 time per second. the Red Led is solid.
Microphone: Used to detect barking
Sound Activated Speaker: Produces the ultrasonic sound
Switch with 4 Levels of Operation :
Off – Used to power off the bark collar
T — Used to verify the microphone and speaker function
1 = Low Range – Up to 5 meters
2 = Medium Range – Up to 10 meters
3 = High Range – Up to 15 meters
Provisions for Mounting : Used to attached to or the fix the ultrasonic house on a tree , post , etc
Battery Door: Used to enclose the battery
Lanyard: Hook the ultrasonic bark house where you want

How to operate the Ultrasonic Bark House #

Installation and Setup
Provisions for Mounting
Battery Door
The Ultrasonic Bark House should be placed facing the dog and within efficient range of the dog . It should be
positioned at a height within 1.5 meters . It can be placed in a tree , hung from a pole , on a fence post, etc . For best
results , the area between the Ultrasonic Bark House and the dog should be free of any large obstacles.

Change battery
The Ultrasonic Bark House utilizes a replaceable 9-Volt battery . When the battery is good , the green LED flashes 1
time per 5 seconds . If the battery is low , The LED flashes frequently . If there is no LED light it is time to change
the battery . Open the battery door to replace the battery .

Modes of Operation
.Start using the Ultrasonic Bark House with Low Range (“1”) mode , if the dog does not respond , increase to the
Medium Range (“2”) .
.If the dog does not respond to the Medium Range (“2”) , increase to High Range (“3”) .
.Turn to the Test mode to verify the Ultrasonic Bark House work properly .

Test the Ultrasonic Bark House
.Turn the Mode Switch to “T”.
.Hold the unit with the Indicator Light towards you .The unit should be arms length away from your mouth.
.In order to activate the unit , say “Woof” loudly towards the Microphone.
.The LED light will flash red and there will be an audible sound to indicate that it is functioning properly .
.Turn the Mode Switch to Low Range “1” before you begin using the ultrasonic bark house.

Special Caution: #

Keep at arms length away from the human ear to avoid hearing damage if a dog begins barking while you are
setting up ,mounting or hanging the ultrasonic bark house.

Humans should also avoid standing too close to the ultrasonic bark house when it is on.

This device is intended for use only with dogs . Never attempt to use it for any purpose not described in this
manual. Not for use by children.

Frequently Asked Questions #

What is the range of the ultrasonic bark House ?
The ultrasonic bark House detects barking and sends the ultrasonic sound up to 15 meters.
Is the ultrasonic bark house effective on all dogs?
The product may not work on deaf or hearing impaired dogs.
Will the ultrasonic bark house work for multiple dogs?
Yes. It is effective on all dogs within range of the ultrasonic bark house.
Can a dog become desensitized to the ultrasonic sound ?
There are some situations where dogs become desensitized . To avoid this , only turn the outdoor bark house on
during periods of unwanted barking
Can humans hear the ultrasonic sound?
The ultrasonic sound can not be heard by humans . Occasionally the speaker may vibrated which can make a sound .

Troubleshooting #

The green LED light stopped flashed and there is no red light .

  • 4 –
    .Ensure that the battery is properly installed
    .Replace the battery
    .If the green LED light is still not flashing , contact the located customer center.
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