A GPS Tracker could save the life of your pet

It has been many years since my beloved cat went missing which as many of your know was the start of my pet tracker journey. I understood firsthand how tough it can be to have a pet go missing which is why I’ve been so committed to having a tracker on all my pets and helping TailMe customers.

However I hadn’t really considered the perspective of my poor kitty who was lost. When I eventually got him back he had hardly eaten, his fur was tangled and he was sick. It took weeks for him to fully regain his strength. I was lucky, I got him back. He wasn’t lucky, he was starving, cold and at risk every day he was lost.

Another recent story reminds me of just how tough and dangerous it can be for a lost pet.

Kevin bought a tracker for his kitten in March 2021. Kevin’s lives close to a school and Molly loves visiting the school. Large open fields, dense bush and trees to play in – the perfect environment for an inquisitive kitty . One day Molly doesn’t come home. She has a tracker and Kevin tracks her to the school. He initially thinks, no problem she knows the school, it’s school holidays and she is probably just having fun with no kids around. The next day, she’s still not home – something is wrong.

He looks at the tracker and she hasn’t moved. She’s still in the school in the same place.

What has happened to Molly? Kevin goes to the school to investigate. After speaking with the security guard (who spoke with the school principal) Kevin got permission to search – he headed right to the spot where Molly’s trackers co-ordinate was pin pointed. It was a large storeroom.

Kevin asked the guard to let him in to have a look around. As soon as the door was opened Molly came running out, a little hungry but very excited to see Kevin.

This is the scary part, that storeroom was locked because the school was on holiday. While it ordinarily would be opened everyday it wasn’t going to be opened for another three weeks. Molly was trapped without any food or water for what would have been three full weeks.

In this case Molly was found, quickly and uninjured. Had she not had a tracker her life could very easily have been lost.

I adore my cats. I know many others adore their pets. Molly’s story could have been very, very different had Kevin decided not to get a GPS tracking device. She would surely have starved when instead she went a single night without food. Your decision to get a GPS tracking device could quite literally save the life of your pet. Oh, and if you think it won’t happen to you, as many as 25% of all pets will get lost in their lifetime.

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