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TailMe’s Infinity GPS Pet Tracker is a hi-tech device offering superior technology. It is specifically designed to help you find your furry friends if they get lost. It features a large battery (1000mah), accurate GPS, internet access (utilising the cellular network) and a lightweight waterproof casing. This tiny tracking device is suitable for cats and dogs and is ideal for the pet owner who wants a high quality tracking device with a long battery duration and accurate tracking.

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Pets go missing – often!

The sad reality of owning is a pet is that they go missing. They are after all animals who like to explore. Sometimes, they find an interesting smell or see something to chase but either way when they wonder off, they sometimes don’t return!

It’s a tough balance keeping your beloved pet safe. It isn’t right to keep them indoors when their natural instincts are to be free! With TailMe’s help you can let your loved ones be free while still having the assurance that they will be safe.

Did you know;

53% of families own pets
There are 4 million Dogs and Cats in South Africa
That 1 in 4 pets get lost in their lifetime
80% of lost pets never return home

Losing a pet is awful. We’re pet parents and we know the stress and heartache it can cause if they go missing.

The worst part is not knowing. Most tracking chips can only be checked if someone finds your pet and takes them to a vet – there’s nothing you can do but sit and wait, and that really doesn’t work for us!

That is why TailME has the perfect solution – a GPS Pet Tracker.

Introducing the Infinity 4G

The Infinity 4G is another first for TailMe. Regular GPS trackers use the 2G network which can sometimes cause connectivity issues. Our latest tracker uses the 4G network which gives you a more reliable connection. But that’s not all! It’s design has changed to be longer and slimmer which makes it much more comfortable for cats and dogs to wear it on their collars. The battery is still 1000mah however the system has been redesigned from the ground up allowing for more advanced battery saving resulting in a battery life upwards of 10 days or more if you are very conservative with your settings.


Reliable Location Tracking

Using a simple, effective app – ?Aibeile plus?. Pet lovers can view a current location of their pet, historical routes or request a new location which is ideal for tracking your pet when they’re lost. The app also ?rings? the tracking device so you can get an audible location as well as a GPS location.

Our pet tracker works great outdoors, but also really well indoors. Using the smartest GPS technology which links via the internet (cellular network) to the app your fur baby can’t escape our reach :). Even when indoors and out of reach of GPS we have you covered. Our pet tracker features advanced WiFi positioning giving you a very accurate indoor location or when all else fails we also make use of GSM triangulation (LBS) which offers an estimated area where your pet might be hiding.


It’s lightweight at just 36grams, waterproof & super-sturdy. The GPS tracker fits snugly into a silicone sleeve to protect it from scratches. At just 52X38X16mm it is suitable for most pets. It will fit onto any breakaway collar for cats or any collar that opens with a clip or similar for dogs. It will also attach onto a harness or into a pouch.

Great Battery life
Who wants to be charging their pet tracker every day? We’ll not us and that’s why we made sure we squeezed a huge 1 000mah battery into our pet tracker. We’ve also included a magnetic charging contact to make it really easy to keep the 1000mah battery charged (and of course it keeps it water proof with no charging ports to keep sealed).

Top Tech
GPS tracking – relied on by companies and individuals around the world
Easy-to-use app – Android & iOS
Button alert – if someone finds your pet, they can press the button to send their location directly to you

Stay Connected
The tracking device gets connected to the internet using its own sim card. This allows pet owners to track their pet where there is good cell reception. This can be many kilometres from your home. All it needs is a SIM card. Low cost – only a few Rands per month of airtime (out of bundle) and you can use your own SIM card.

Fantastic Value
No monthly fees

Powered Up
Excellent battery life – up to 7 days while they’re on the move
Low battery alerts
Charge with a customised magnetic attaching USB cable (included)

Comfortable & Durable
Attaches to any standard collar
Lightweight & compact
Waterproof, scratch-proof, dirt-proof – they can try anything!
Sits under your pet’s chin – comfortable and unlikely to catch on branches or corners

Track them with a GPS Pet tracker

It’s easy to keep a tail on your 4-legged family members – anywhere, any time.

Why Choose TailMe?

We are pet lovers and tech experts. TailMe’s big brother TechThrive is an expert at Internet enabled smart devices. With this experience we have the best solutions for our pet loving customers.

Our device is designed for pets but also so that their humans can consistently and reliably use the tracking device. Our long battery life is a key feature that is critical in locating lost pets. The app is functional and simple. TailMe combines the best tech and features for accurate tracking you can count on:

Built for pet lovers by pet loving tech experts
Who adore their fur ball
Built to be rugged

So your pet can go anywhere and still be tracked

At only R1999 you get the peace of mind knowing your loved one is safe.

Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 6 cm
User Manual


Infinity, Infinity 4G

45 reviews for Infinity 4G GPS Pet Tracker

  1. Lisa (verified owner)

    Gavin, I must commend you on a great product and great support. Thank you for taking the time to walk me through the entire setup.

  2. Imran (verified owner)

    Simply fantastic. I feel so much better knowing my cats are safe even when they wonder far away from home.

    PS. please let me know as soon as you’ve finished developing the next version. I want it :).

  3. Jen (verified owner)

    It was very easy to setup. Everything I needed included in the box. I thought my puppy would hate wearing it but she honestly didn’t even notice.

  4. Gavin Levenstein (verified owner)

    Hi I’m Gavin, CEO TechThrive and I decided to write a review because I am my own first customer. I’ve used others, I understand the technology and most importantly I very dearly love my 3 cats.

    Tracking mode. I don’t need to see where my cats are all the time. I leave the tracker in it’s advanced mode only getting a GPS co-ordinate approximately once a day. If/when I need to track my cats I force a location using the app and walk to that location and then ping it so it makes a noise (also from the app). The sound is much easier to track than a co-ordinate because sometimes my cats are under my house, other times they are in a tree.

    Battery life. I value battery life, with three cats I need to charge trackers often. This is why it’s really great to have a huge 1000mah battery. In advanced mode I get about 8 to 9 days of battery power but I charge it sooner because if my cats go missing I want to know there is enough charge to find them.

    Charging is really easy using the magnetic charging attachment. It takes about 1.5 hours to fully charge.

    The silicone sleeve works wonderfully as both a collar attachment but also as an anti scratch to keep the device looking new for longer. In-particular with my cats who like to roll around.

    Weight and size. Yes, even I will admit I would have loved a smaller device. However a smaller device means a smaller battery which means more charging. That said my cats are small, the device sits under their neck quite comfortably so it would actually be fine to get a bigger device. 36 grams is nice and light for my small cats.

    I also love the fact that it’s waterproof and the charger is a contact charger which means no rubber seals. When it rains I know my trackers will work just like new.

    If you love your pets, and are worried about them going missing I cannot recommend this tracker more. It is the smallest investment which helps keep your pets safe.

  5. Mario (verified owner)

    I got 2. The first worked straight out the box. The second for some reason didn’t.
    Gavin was most helpful resetting everything and getting it to work. Took him all of about 15 minutes. Very impressed with the tracker and it’s good to know support is readily available and thorough.

  6. Michael (verified owner)

    Hi Gavin,
    Just a note of thanks. Got the package delivered yesterday. All is working great.

  7. Jacques (verified owner)

    I am so pleased I cannot explain. I’ve only just bought the tracker and my cat went missing. I was so panicked I didn’t know what to do. I ended up following the app around and eventually figured out how it worked. In the end I found my cat with the help of the tracker and now I also understand so much better about how it works.
    Thank you for being so helpful. Thank you for helping me find my cat.

  8. Lizette (verified owner)

    The tracker works so well. I have spend thousands on other trackers, that never seemed to work. Leaving me stressed and worried about my cat.
    This tracker is amazing, battery life excellent, location always spot on. Definitely can recommend. Getting one for all my cats!

  9. Trey (verified owner)

    The durability of the tracker makes it a worthwhile investment.

  10. Kate (verified owner)

    I lost my cat years ago. It was absolutely awful. I felt awful. I felt like I let my cat down. I spent over a month searching for her, everyday hoping that I would find her. One day I got lucky. A security guard saw her and I managed to catch her.
    Now that I have a GPS tracker on her I feel so much better. She never leaves the house without it. It’s amazing. I absolutely cannot believe how relieved I feel knowing if she gets lost again I can find her.

  11. Mike (verified owner)

    I can positively recommend this GPS and the app as well …. it is accurate and my kitten seems to find it fine to wear all day.

  12. Isabel (verified owner)

    Good day Gavin,

    I hope you are well.

    Again thank you for all of the help that you’ve given me. It’s much appreciated.

    It’s a bit late, but it was my cat’s birthday this past week and we had a small celebration for her and finally got around to taking some photo. Please see them attached. I’m sending four in total, you can choose which one shows off your product the best

    Thanks again!
    Kind regards,

  13. Kerry (verified owner)

    …here is my little girl with hers, she is only 3 kg. I take it off at night as I keep my cats in at night. In the morning she waits for me to put it on as she knows it is time to go out. I got one for my big boy cat too…he is a home boy but I have peace of mind now. I can check up on where they are at any time. Perfect for a paranoid mother like me. Worth every cent I paid…

  14. Talita (verified owner)

    Cannot thank you enough for your wonderful product! My Catticus is the happiest child and just loving his new found freedom on the farm! What a great product! Amazing and easy to use! I am still trying to get a photo, but he is so busy when I put it on him, dashing around!! Thank you so so much! Talita and Catticus Finch 🐾

  15. Adiel (verified owner)

    I bought the Tailme the last week in Sept. It arrived Oct. 4th, and I have been using it pretty much every day since then . It’s slick and the app works great. I had no issues setting up but if you’re a bit tech scared you might feel intimidated. My cat didn’t immediately like it but by day 2 he didn’t even know it was there hahahahahaha.

  16. Michael (verified owner)

    It is a very good device and the application is superb! Customer service is the best I have ever encountered!

    I change my review after a call from one of the developers. I was assured that my problem will be fixed and they went above and beyond to find the cause and fix it. In my case the device had an issue. They replaced it and made sure everything worked perfectly.

    So since I saw how they really care for their customers and since it already saved my dog one time. I changed my review to 5 stars.

  17. Shahnaz (verified owner)

    Lots of options on the app. Worked right out the box.

  18. Rahul (verified owner)

    Love it!

  19. Matthew (verified owner)

    Worked great at home. Not so much on holiday where the signal was fine on my phone but not on the tracker.

  20. Vaishnavi (verified owner)

    Good quality that holds up well to the destruction of a pit bull.

  21. Rickey (verified owner)

    The historical tracking feature is helpful for understanding my pet’s routines.

  22. Adriaan (verified owner)

    It didn’t work for me

  23. Jessica (verified owner)

    I was skeptical when purchasing. I didn’t think it would work so well. But this is incredible. I know where my baby is and when we had a lightning storm and she went to hide I found her straight away. An absolute must for any pet owner who cares about their pet.

  24. Chris (verified owner)

    I wish I had known the geofence would use so much battery power

  25. Gerhardus (verified owner)

    I am so happy I found tailme trackers. I love that they have 3 modes. Overall impressed. I Would highly recommend!

  26. Amanda (verified owner)

    I am very sensitive what I buy for our fur babies, they mean the world to me.

    Our vet said that these are great. They are comfy on our dogs, it actually helps them have more freedom in the park on walks because I don’t stress over where they are all the time. I’ve noticed they come home more tired because they run around more. My one has even lost some weight and is healthier lol.

    I hope that you have found my opinion to be helpful with your decision process to purchase this item.

  27. Helouise (verified owner)

    Things that sold me: long battery, GPS and it looks nice. Things to note: it’s cheaper to use out of bundle data than data bundles (it cost me and it was annoying to replenish)

  28. Skylar (verified owner)

    Does what it says on the box. Would have preferred an easier setup.

  29. Francois (verified owner)

    It has been many years since I’ve had a pet.

    This model appealed to me due to the combination of features and long battery for the price.

    I like it for the most part but there are some things that I struggle with getting used to. It is larger and heavier than expected but I acknowledge there is a lot of tech in this tiny tracker. The charger attaches magnetically to the side with a very secure fit – easy on, easy off. The protective case is great but I do foresee my doggy eventually destroying it requiring a new one.

    The quality is adequate for regular use. I haven’t tested it’s waterproofing. Its performance is pretty good.

    The things I don’t love about it, is that I feel like there is a learning curve for me to overcome. I probably just needed to figure out a setting to change or something. An example is when I wanted to track my dog (to test because he wasn’t lost) I had to wait for the next location update and didn’t immediately realize you can just press locate to get a live location.

    All of the issues I’ve experienced are relatively minor and I really like the concept. I recommend this tracker.

  30. Wilhelmina (verified owner)

    Saved me a fortune. I didn’t actually use it for my pets. I told my husband I was but I put it in his golf bags. Guess what? He wasn’t playing golf.

  31. jennifer (verified owner)

    This is a really good tracker, no doubt TailMe knows how to make good devices. But then there are all the options they put on. I generally don’t like rebranded where you don’t really get anything better.

  32. David (verified owner)

    Brilliant device btw, loving it!

  33. Katherine (verified owner)

    The best cat tracker ever! It has made the transition to our new house so much less stressful knowing where our kitty is at all times! She was also let out of the house much sooner (happy cat) because I knew we’d be able to find her! It’s been 6 months now, and I’ll never not have a tracker on her 😍! Thanks TailMe

  34. Blanca (verified owner)

    Excellent battery management – it conserves power intelligently.

  35. Ludie (verified owner)

    The GPS pet tracker is an essential tool for any responsible pet owner.

  36. Odette (verified owner)

    Incredibly user-friendly design.

  37. Lizelle (verified owner)

    I bought the GPS one last year and I can recommend it. Works perfectly. You can even phone the device and speak to your pet to e.g. call your dog back.

  38. Milton (verified owner)

    So versatile – I find new uses for it all the time.

  39. Raquel (verified owner)

    Incredibly user-friendly design.

  40. Nico (verified owner)


  41. Lorraine (verified owner)

    The accuracy of location tracking is impressive – spot-on every time.

  42. Corrine (verified owner)

    The product quality is excellent, and the delivery was quick. Thank you for the outstanding service!

  43. Margret (verified owner)

    I’m deeply dissatisfied with this purchase as the product arrived incomplete and damaged. I request a full refund and an explanation for the lack of quality control.

  44. Hinemoa (verified owner)

    The accuracy of location tracking is consistent and reliable.

  45. Geovanny (verified owner)

    The historical data provided by the tracker is interesting to analyze.

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