Strategies for finding your pet if they’ve got lost

We know how terrible you are feeling. We’ve lost pet’s before.

These are your best strategies to find your missing pet.

Pet’s have a remarkably good sense of direction. Even house bound cats and dogs can still find home. We know you might be stressed, just remember you have a good chance of finding your pet again.

Most pets get lost within a small radius of home. Most commonly in the neighbors or a little beyond.
Most of the time a cat won’t be lost, they will just be out exploring (or just sleeping in a comfy spot).

Walk around the neighborhood calling.

Speak to your neighbors. Ask them if you can come over an have a look. Be insistent that you go yourself and not let them look for you because your pet will come to you and run away from your neighbor.

Social media – but keep it very focused. If your pet is lost nearby a big general post won’t have a big impact. Share your specific location (not your address – you could say something like near this road…).

Posters are very common but not effective. People can’t get a good look at the poster especially if they are driving. rather than posters ring a few nearby doorbells and ask those neighbors to give you some contact details of other neighbors.

Food and treats. Scatter some of their favourtie food and treats around the access points to your property. If they smell familiar food they might come eat and if it is located near a place where they can get back they will do so.

Cat litter for lost kitties. The smell of litter travels great distances. When your cat smells the litter they may find their way back.

Contact the vets or any/all the rescue organisations in the area. If your pet is found they will most likely be taken to one of those organisations. Similarly join some of the found pets groups on social media. Your pet may have already been found.

We understand that your pet is a loved one. Try and remain calm, eat well and try get some sleep. Searching for your pet on an empty stomach is also bad :). While out looking pack yourself a small bag with some snacks, water and a power bank to charge your phone. Especially if you’re active on social media you will find yourself glued to your phone.

Don’t blame yourself. You did nothing wrong. Pets like exploring and sometimes they get spooked and climb a tree or hide behind a bush. Other times they go for a nap in a neighbors garage and get locked in because the neighbor just happened to go out. These things happen all the time. Follow the common steps and give it time.

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