Nimble GPS Pet Tracker

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The Nimble GPS Pet tracker is a lightweight, cost effective GPS enabled tracker. Featuring advanced electronics this GPS Pet tracker will help you find your pet if they get lost.

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The Nimble GPS Pet Tracker is an internet enabled tracking device that is controlled and managed by an app on the users’ phone. It’s small and light and is therefore suitable for a cat or dog.

Internet Enabled

The Nimble GPS Pet Tracker makes use of a nano sim from any service provider who has a 2g network. It requires data to upload GPS co-ordinates or update settings and airtime to respond to advanced commands via SMS or make outgoing SOS calls. It uses a small amount of data. At just a few megabytes per month the Nimble GPS Tracker can work with a cheap data contract or airtime with out of bundle data enabled. We generally suggest the airtime route as it works out cheaper in the long run.

The Nimble GPS Pet Tracker makes use of three tracking modes.

GPS, which is the most accurate, however it requires sufficient access to the GPS satellite. Similar to a navigation device.

LBS, which makes use of the cell towers to triangulate a signal. This mode provides a broad neighbourhood view of where the tracking device is. It will default into this mode if a more accurate option is unavailable.

WIFI, makes use of Google’s public wifi location database, which offers excellent indoor tracking when GPS is unavailable.

App Features

  • View historical data
  • Goefence
  • SOS
  • Two way voice
  • Advanced SMS Commands


App details

Tracking Web:

Android APP: GPS365 / 365GPS

iOS APP: GPS365 / 365GPS

Once attached, the Nimble assumes a low-profile presence on the collar, resembling a pendant. This unobtrusive integration ensures that the device doesn’t interfere with your pet’s comfort or movement. The lightweight and unassuming nature of the Nimble contributes to a seamless blend with the collar, allowing your pet to move naturally and comfortably without any added bulk or discomfort.


Size: 50x29x15, Battery: 850MaH, Network: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz, GPRS Class 12, Positioning modes: GPS + AGPS + Wifi(optional) + LBS, Tracking System: APP + Web + SMS, Track + Historical Trace Playback + Geo-Fence, Voice Recording + Pick up + Sound Call Back, Support one/two ways SOS communication(GPS SIM card airtime is required), similar like phone talking, GPS location accuracy: within 10 meters outdoor(may be affected by the environment), Wifi location accuracy: within 50 meters(optional for some models), LBS location accuracy: above 100 meters, Working Temperature: -20??45?/ Humidity: 5%?95%, Waterproof: NO!, Tracking Web:, Android APP: GPS365 / 365GPS, iOS APP: GPS365 / 365GPS, nano SIM

10 reviews for Nimble GPS Pet Tracker

  1. Fermin (verified owner)

    The tracking history feature has been useful for monitoring my pet’s routines.

  2. Ozella (verified owner)

    The GPS tracker is worth every penny for the peace of mind it provides.

  3. Chanel (verified owner)

    I appreciate the discreet design – doesn’t draw attention to my pet.

  4. Carole (verified owner)

    The GPS pet tracker is a game-changer for peace of mind.

  5. Herminio (verified owner)

    The quality-to-price ratio is unbeatable.

  6. Ashleigh (verified owner)

    The virtual leash feature is excellent for training and off-leash control.

  7. Mayra (verified owner)

    I can track multiple pets simultaneously on the same app.

  8. Nadia (verified owner)

    The product arrived on time, and I’m beyond satisfied. Thank you for the excellent service!

  9. Fritz (verified owner)

    The GPS pet tracker is an essential tool for any responsible pet owner.

  10. Gerhard (verified owner)

    The GPS pet tracker has become an indispensable tool for my pet’s well-being.

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