From a cone to a recovery shirt

Every pet loving person will have a story to tell about how their pet had some sort of medical issue and was prescribed a cone of shame and absolutely hated it. That old fashioned cone is actually called an Elizabethan Collar which really is just the icing on the cake with how antiquated that solution really is.

It is well documented how increased levels of stress reduce the speed at which pets recover. The cone causes huge amounts of stress for pets because they create an uncomfortable obstacle around their head.

More catastrophic is that it obliterates their spatial awareness causing them to bump into furniture, walls and anything in their vicinity. Worse is that the cone acts exactly like an ear horn. The ear horn effectively amplifies ambient sound by making a greater sound capture surface and then directs that amplified sound directly into the ears of your pet. Shocking!

What’s more, the cone only prevents your pets head from accessing the wound. They can still scratch at it or expose it to the environment like roll around on the ground or rub against a tree. The floor, their pet bed, their paws, other animals and even us humans (especially children who cuddle their sick pet to make them feel better) all have access to the wound site.

Our focus is on helping pet owners and their loved ones heal faster by giving them a more comfortable, less anxiety producing recovery experience free from the cone.

The best solutions and the best products are born out of a dire need. A better solution was desperately needed. Our journey into finding a better solution started in 2019 when our cat Oliver had major stomach surgery. He was prescribed a cone of shame for 2 weeks. He naturally hated the cone (because who loves it?) and we went in search of a better solution. In South Africa there wasn’t a better solution so we left the cone on poor Oliver for nearly two weeks and eventually celebrated once the cone was off.

However around the world there was a solution. The company name is called Suitical and they make over 4 million units per year. Suitical/MPS has been developing Medical Recovery Clothing since 2007 and we’re proud to be partnering with them to bring a better solution to Southern Africa.

It is of utmost importance to us that your pets welfare comes first. Our range of recovery clothing for pets is ideal to assist with healing after surgery, during recovery, with skin conditions, or whenever needed.

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