Ultrasonic Anti-Barking Training Device

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Loud Barking is not always cute or better security!

Introducing Automatic bark training, using a soft tone only dogs can hear (100% safe for dogs & Humans)

Automatic Bark Training! When the device detects a bark it plays a soft non-harmful tone only dogs can hear. Over a short period of time they begin to associate the tone with their barking. This teaches them not to bark continuously and for no reason.

Introducing TailMe’s Ultrasonic Anti-Barking Training Device

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How does this work
Understanding the ultrasonic tone. The human can hear a tone up to around 20 000 hertz although the older we get the lower the frequency we can hear – most adults will be closer to 13 000 hertz. Note that this is purely the frequency of the tone and not the decibels which is how loud the tone is. A loud tone will carry a further distance compared with a soft tone.

Dogs can hear tones at a much higher frequency to humans – ultrasonic (above 20 000 hertz). The dog bark control is set to play a tone that is 25 000 hertz. A microphone automatically detects a dog bark and automatically plays back a soft ultrasonic sound.

There are 4 modes of operation – 1 testing mode which is audible to humans to ensure it is working (and guaranteed to make you laugh while practicing your best bark to activate it 🙂 ) and 3 bark control modes ranging from 5 to 15 meters.

It can be mounted on a wall or hung from the lanyard on a tree or pole.

When it works great
This device is primarily a training device which automatically provides instant feedback to a dog when they bark. When the dog learns to associate the sound with their barking they will either stop barking when the tone is played or over the period of about 6 weeks learn not to bark. This is especially useful at stopping social barking or periodic barking where the dog doesn’t get into a barking frenzy. More intelligent dogs learn faster (but don’t worry I’m sure your dog is a genius). It is best when the device is close to your own dogs so it isn’t triggered by neighbours dogs barking or dogs passing by because it will take longer for your dogs to learn to associate the tone with their barking.

When it doesn’t work great
Dogs who can’t hear very well won’t be able to hear the tone. Quite simply if they can’t hear the tone they won’t learn to associate the tone with their barking.

Unintelligent dogs. Let’s face it, even the most loved dogs can be slightly challenged in the smarts departments. If that’s the case the bark control device either won’t work at all or will take much longer to work effectively.

Frenzy barking dogs cannot associate the tone with their bark because they will be focused on whats caused them to bark. This isn’t all bad as an intruder will still trigger frenzy barking even while the dog is well disciplined and has already learnt to associate the tone with barking.

When it’s positioned in a general location and picks up other dogs barking. As a learning tool the target dogs need to learn that? the tone plays when there is barking – they wont learn that the tone plays only when they bark if other sounds keep triggering the device. Also ensure that the right setting is selected. If dogs are nearby to the bark control device the softest setting is best.

Understanding why it works
Humans have used dog whistles as a form of training for decades. The tone from the dog whictle is used as an inaudible sound for humans but audible for dogs as a method of providing instant input signals to the dog. Very well trained dogs can understand the different meanings of the type of tone made by the dog whistle eg long, short or beeps can mean something different to expertly trained dogs.
The bark control system has a microphone that listens for the dog bark and instantly provides feedback to the dog in the exact same way as a dog whistle in the form of an a short ultrasonic sound. As the dog barks and hears the tone they slowly learn that the tone only plays when they bark.

Who is it for?
People with noisy dogs
People with neighbours with noisy dogs
People who don’t like constant barking or who have dogs that don’t respond to commands to stop barking

Automatically calms barking 24/7
Long battery life – standard 9v battery lasts up to 6 months depending on usage
Not harmful to dogs in any way (it’s not a shock collar – it’s an automated training device that makes a soft sound that only dogs can hear)
Trains dogs to stop barking



9v battery, lanyard, ultrasonic bark control unit, wall nail

5 reviews for Ultrasonic Anti-Barking Training Device

  1. Natalie (verified owner)

    Worked like a charm. Must be combined with some training but it’s wonderful knowing I have a solution to constant barking.

  2. Antonina (verified owner)

    This exceeded my expectations.

  3. Micaela (verified owner)

    I want to express my gratitude for the fast delivery and the fantastic product. Thank you so much!

  4. Novella (verified owner)

    The quality of this product is shockingly poor. It broke within a week, leaving me feeling scammed. I expected better durability and craftsmanship for the price I paid.

  5. Savanna (verified owner)

    The user manual is clear and easy to understand. Coincidentally it also worked on my neighbours dogs.

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Ultrasonic Anti-Barking Training Device

Available on back-order

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