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Looking for an exciting way to entertain your cat? Check out the Infuriating Flutterby – the viral cat toy sensation! With its smart motor, motion sensor technology, and easy butterfly replacement system, this toy will keep your cat entertained for hours. #InfuriatingFlutterby #CatToys πŸΎπŸ¦‹

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The Infuriating Flutterby is a smart toy that features a floating and wobbling butterfly at the end of a springy rod set ontop of a wibbler wobbler base with a ball toy. Its smart motor spins the butterfly, causing it to rotate in a circle while wobbling in the air, just like a real butterfly.

But what sets the Infuriating Flutterby apart from other cat toys is its motion sensor technology. When the motion sensor detects your kitty in close proximity, it automatically activates the movement, making the toy even more interactive and engaging. This feature ensures that your cat is always entertained and active, even when you’re not around to play with them.

Another great feature of the Infuriating Flutterby is its easy butterfly replacement system. You can create your own using bright colors to make the toy even more attractive to your kitty.

The Infuriating Flutterby is battery powered and made of durable ABS material, making it long-lasting and reliable. Its motor has a speed of 4000 RPM and a life of more than 200 hours, ensuring that your kitty can enjoy the toy for a long time. The toy works in cycles. It will run for 5 minutes and reactivate when motion is detected. After 2 hours it will go into standby mode.

The Infuriating Flutterby is 15x8cm (LWH) in size and weighs 300g, making it perfect for any room in your home. It’s also a great way to prevent boredom and destructive behavior, keeping your furniture and belongings safe.

In conclusion, the Infuriating Flutterby is the perfect toy for any cat owner who wants to provide their kitty with endless entertainment and exercise. Order yours today and watch your furry friend go wild with excitement!


Battery powered, Easy to replace butterfly, Rotating motor, Auto on/off, Multi modes, Spring wire for the butterfly, Item type: Cat toy, Material: ABS, Color: As shown, Battery: 3*AA battery(not included), Working voltage: 3.7V, Motor speed: 4000 RPM, Motor life: 200 hours, Working mode: Every 30 seconds of rotation, stop for 5 seconds, Sensing range: About 5meters/196.5inch, Item size: 9*9*7.8cm(L*W*H), Weight: 300g/

8 reviews for Infuriating Flutterby

  1. Alessandra (verified owner)

    The online store has made my pet’s day! Thank you for the excellent service and the incredible product that brings so much joy.

  2. Greyson (verified owner)

    The motion activated spinner makes it engaging at times when my cat wants to play (and I want to sleep). Works great and batteries last.

  3. Julie (verified owner)

    Adds a touch of luxury to my everyday life.

  4. Kieran (verified owner)

    A wonderful addition for cats. I love that it just turns on when my cat wants to play.

  5. Kareem (verified owner)

    My pets (1 cat and 1 dog) prefers this toy over all others in the collection.

  6. Murphy (verified owner)

    You’ve exceeded all expectations with your exceptional service and the exceptional product you offer. Thank you for making my pet’s day extraordinary!

  7. Dina (verified owner)

    A fantastic way to make play time interactive and fun.

  8. Veda (verified owner)

    Perfect for cats who are active and need to catch something moving. I love the fact that it turns on automatically.

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Infuriating Flutterby

Availability: 60 in stock (can be backordered)

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