Caring for a pet after they’ve got lost

Yay, you’ve found your pet. This is great news. However you now need to keep them safe.

Your pet may be traumatized or in an unhealthy state after their ordeal. Also, understandably you may also be traumatized.

You need to make sure you are ok first. Like in an airplane – you must fit your own mask before attending to other passengers.

Pet health come’s first. If they’ve been lost for a long time take them to the vet. They may need booster injections, a drip for dehydration or just special high nutrition food to get them back on track. They may also have other issues that a trained vet will be able to pick up.

If you’ve found a lost pet. Please also do the same. The pet may be chipped or an alert for that pet might have reached the vet. In that way you can find the owner faster with less trauma for the pet.

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