Bobbly Catnip Windmill

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🐾🐱 Keep your kitty entertained for hours with the Bobbly Catnip Windmill! This versatile toy features a bobbly bobbin, catnip spinner, treat spinner, and windmill. It’s a great way to encourage an active lifestyle and promote natural instincts to work for food. Order now and watch your furry friend have the time of their life! πŸ›’πŸΎπŸ±

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With a versatile suction cup design, the Bobbly Catnip Windmill can be attached to any smooth surface or left on the ground for your kitty to play with as they please.

Featuring a range of fun play options, your kitty will be endlessly entertained by the bobbly bobbin, catnip spinner, treat spinner and windmill – and the whole unit spins too!

Catnip is placed into the rotating flaps on either side of the windmill, encouraging active play and stimulation. Plus, with the central spinner, you can load it up with treats to satisfy your kitty’s natural instincts to work for food. As they play, the food leaks through the many openings, allowing for an engaging and interactive learning/play experience.

Not only does the Bobbly Catnip Windmill provide hours of self-play and entertainment, but it also promotes an active lifestyle for your kitty.

Don’t wait any longer to treat your kitty. Order your Bobbly Catnip Windmill today and watch your kitty enjoy endless hours of fun!



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9 reviews for Bobbly Catnip Windmill

  1. Mekhi (verified owner)

    The treat dispensing feature is a great motivator for my cat.

  2. Sigmund (verified owner)

    This has everything my cat loves.

  3. Horacio (verified owner)

    My cat has become more patient and focused during playtime. Her inner hunter has evolved :).

  4. Orin (verified owner)

    The treat dispensing feature adds an extra layer of excitement. My cat loves catnip and then after playing gets treats. I honestly couldn’t ask for me.

  5. Shannon (verified owner)

    My four-legged companion sends a paw-filled thank you for the amazing product and the speedy delivery. You’ve won our hearts!

  6. Lucius (verified owner)

    I am utterly disappointed with this product! The quality is abysmal, and it fell apart within days of using it. It’s a complete waste of money. Do not buy!

  7. Elwyn (verified owner)

    Provides mental stimulation, especially for intelligent breeds.

  8. Alexys (verified owner)

    I’m a busy cat mom, and this toy has been a lifesaver! My kitty, stays entertained and less anxious. It’s like her own personal playtime party when I’m away.

  9. Marcel (verified owner)

    I appreciate the attention to detail in the design. My cat loves that it also dispenses treats.

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