Traveling with your pet

Short distance and long distance traveling can be traumatic for your pet especially if they don’t like being in the car.

Scared of the car

It often happens that pets get taught not to like the car. As young animals they are pushed away from cars or begin to associate the car with going to the vet.

Dogs tend to be easier to acclimatize to regular car trips because you can take them for walks which dissociates the car from the vet. However if they are a bit scared of the car, food often helps. Simply give them their food lose t the car (without driving anywhere) and gradually over time let them have some food in the car. This quickly helps them see the car as non-threatening.

Cats on the other hand can be a bit more challenging. They tend to never go in the car for anything other than something traumatic. The trick here is to make them feel as comfortable as possible. Get a good quality carrier, something warm and familiar and keep it dark.

We should definitely note that a cat that’s scared of the car will begin to associate their carrier with a trip. If you simply take out the carrier and get it ready a few days before it helps tremendously to not spook your cat just before you need to go to the vet. As with a dog feeding them near the carrier also helps.

Making them feel more comfortable

Pets like to feel warm and comfortable. While traveling make sure you gave them a nice warm blanket that’s soft.

Traveling safely for you and your pet

Dogs that aren’t strapped in can become a huge health hazard for them and the humans in the car :). Try keep them strapped in or if you have a hatch back they can be quite comfy in boot.

Cat’s outside of their carrier is a big no, no. Cats are small enough to crawl under the drivers seat and interfere with their feet or get trapped under the break pedal. Rather keep them in their carrie and strap the carrier in or place it on either the passenger or back seat floor where it can’t shift in an accident.

It’ not only the car…

Oh and remember it’s not only the car. If you are traveling your pet might fly or they might go off to a kennel or cattery. Give them something that is familiar to home, possibly even some special treats to help them get comfy as quick as possible.

Long distance travel

Feeding and loo time become quite important. A cat or dog can’t travel the entire day without food, drink or doing their “business”. When exiting your vehicle always keep your dog on a lead. Also make sure your pet tracker is firmly attached and charged.

Cat’s are more difficult. You can feed them by placing a small bowl in their carrier but doing their business is a bit more tricky. We found that a combination of newspaper and disposable absorbent towels are the best. When they do their thing you can simply open up the carrier while your car doors and windows are closed (just in case) and take out the whole bundle of paper and towel and replace it with a new fresh set.

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