Handy Outdoor Washer

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Connect it to your garden hose for a continuous water flow, and with an adjustable strap, enjoy hands-free control while simultaneously scrubbing and spraying. This innovative tool ensures a thorough and enjoyable bath experience, promoting comfort, bonding, and eco-friendly water conservation. Transform your outdoor bathing routine at! πŸΎπŸ’¦

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🚿 Discover Effortless Doggie Bathing with the Handy Outdoor Washer –’s Ultimate Outdoor Bath Solution! 🚿

Simplify Outdoor Bath Time: The Handy Outdoor Washer, a game-changer in outdoor doggie bathing. Redefining traditional bath routines, this innovative product combines efficiency with convenience for an enhanced outdoor bathing experience.

✨ Key Features:

🌳 Garden Hose Connection: Embrace the ease of outdoor baths! The Handy Outdoor Washer effortlessly connects to your garden hose, delivering a continuous stream of water for a thorough and refreshing clean.

πŸ‘ Hands-Free Control with Adjustable Strap: Enjoy the convenience of hands-free operation! The Handy Outdoor Washer features an adjustable strap, securely attaching the water sprayer to your hand. This allows you to scrub your dog with ease while maintaining complete control.

🚿 Efficient Scrubbing and Spraying: Streamline your bath routine effortlessly! The Handy Outdoor Washer’s water sprayer enables you to simultaneously scrub your dog and spray water, ensuring a comprehensive and enjoyable bathing experience.

🌈 Comfortable and Bonding Experience: Strengthen the bond with your furry friend! The Handy Outdoor Washer allows you the flexibility to use both hands for comforting and controlling your dog during the wash, turning bath time into a positive and bonding activity.

🌊 Adjustable Valve for Water Conservation: Practice eco-conscious pet care! Tailor the water flow to your preference with the Handy Outdoor Washer’s adjustable valve, saving water while providing the perfect pressure for a gentle yet effective bath.

πŸ›οΈ Why Choose the Handy Outdoor Washer?

  • 🌟 Effortless Efficiency: Achieve a quick and effective bath with simultaneous scrubbing and spraying.
  • 🀲 Hands-Free Comfort: Utilize both hands for comforting and controlling your dog during the outdoor wash.
  • 🌿 Eco-Friendly Innovation: Save water with the adjustable valve, promoting responsible pet care.

🚿 Transform Your Outdoor Bathing Routine – Style!

Visit to explore the Handy Outdoor Washer and revolutionize your outdoor doggie baths into a delightful, efficient, and eco-friendly experience! πŸΎπŸ’¦

2 reviews for Handy Outdoor Washer

  1. Demario (verified owner)

    It’s so efficient, I wondered how I lived without it.

  2. Annamae (verified owner)

    Wow! The quality of the product surpassed my expectations. Thank you for the speedy delivery!

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Handy Outdoor Washer
Original price was: R299.00.Current price is: R249.00.

Available on back-order

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