Flippy Floppy Flappy Fish Toy

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The Flippy Floppy Flappy Fish is an automatic cat toy that reacts to a cat’s movements, making the tail flap like a real fish. The toy has different modes and comes with a small pouch for catnip, making it perfect for cats who love to play and hunt. Its hilarious movements will bring joy to both cats and their owners, including children. The toy is ideal for cat parents with active cats and is the perfect gift for providing endless entertainment.

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Whether your cat loves to play, hunt, or just needs some extra entertainment, this amazing toy will provide endless hours of fun for both you and your pet.

With its automatic motion sensor, the Flippy Floppy Flappy Fish reacts to your cat’s playful movements, making the tail flap just like a real fish. And with different fish motion automatically selected, your cat will never get bored with the same old movements.

But that’s not all! The Flippy Floppy Flappy Fish also comes with a small pouch for catnip (not included), making it an irresistible plaything for cats who love the herb. And because it’s shaped like a fish, it’s the perfect toy for cats who love to chase and hunt their prey.

Not only will your cat adore the Flippy Floppy Flappy Fish, but you’ll love it too. Its hilarious movements are sure to bring a smile to your face and laughter to your heart. And because it’s so much fun for everyone, even children will enjoy watching your furry friend play with this incredible toy.

If you’re a cat parent with a fun and active kitty, the Flippy Floppy Flappy Fish is the perfect addition to your household. So why wait? Order yours today and give your fur baby the gift of endless entertainment and joy!



Flippy Floppy Flappy Fish plushy toy, Electronic mechanism with servo motor, motion sensor and battery, Charging USB cable


Carp – R325, Clown fish – R295, Crucian – R325, Gold Fish – R325, Salmon – R325, Silver Arowana – R325

8 reviews for Flippy Floppy Flappy Fish Toy

  1. Riccardo (verified owner)

    So much fun for my cat

  2. Fiona (verified owner)

    Awesome toy! Retriever puppy also loves it

  3. Donnie (verified owner)

    It’s the first toy my cat reaches for every time.

  4. Bert (verified owner)

    The product arrived just in time for my pet’s special day, and it was an instant hit! Thank you for making the occasion unforgettable!

  5. Dawn (verified owner)

    Overpromised and underdelivered on the service expectations.

  6. Schalk (verified owner)

    My cat’s physical fitness has improved with regular play.

  7. Amely (verified owner)

    A fun and interactive way to entertain my cat.

  8. Danny (verified owner)

    My cat is purring with delight thanks to your outstanding product. I can’t thank you enough for the superb service and timely delivery!

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