Flippy Floppy Flappy Fish Toy

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The Flippy Floppy Flappy Fish is the ideal cat toy for cats who like to play with active moving toys. The automatic senor detects play and begins flapping. Cats love it, humans love it even children love it. Quite simply if you want a good laugh and a fun toy for your fur baby you will have an absolute winner with the flippy floppy flappy fish.

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How it works
When your pets start playing with the flippy floppy flappy fish a motion sensor activates the small servo motor in the fish tail to make it flap like a real fish. It has different modes ensuring your pets don’t get bored with the same movement each time it is activated.

Cats love movement and with the Flippy Floppy Flappy Fish there is no shortage of kitty fun. With a small pouch for catnip and automated tail movements’ cats who love toys love the active movement of the fish.

Who is it for
Cat parents with fun active cats who love to play
Cats who love catnip (not included)
Cats who love fish
Cats who love hunting and following active movements


Flippy Floppy Flappy Fish plushy toy, Electronic mechanism with servo motor, motion sensor and battery, Charging USB cable


Clown fish – R295, Gold Fish – R325, Carp – R325, Crucian – R325, Salmon – R325, Silver Arowana – R325


Approximately 30 cm long x 10 cm wide

1 review for Flippy Floppy Flappy Fish Toy

  1. Riccardo (verified owner)

    So much fun for my cat

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