Handy Indoor Washer

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Featuring a classic rubber nozzle for easy attachment to your tap or mixer, this lightweight and durable tool ensures a stress-free bath. With an extended length of 1.3m, it reaches every spot effortlessly, and connecting to your mixer allows for temperature-adjustable water. Explore the convenience at and make doggie bath time a joyous affair! 🐾🌟

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🚿 The Handy Indoor Washer –’s Doggie Bath Solution! 🚿

Effortless Doggie Bathing: The Handy Indoor Washer is your go-to mud-busting indoor shower attachment, designed to make bathing your doggie a breeze. Say goodbye to the struggles of traditional bathing and embrace the convenience of our innovative product.

Key Features:

🚿 Classic “Old School” Rubber Nozzle: Revitalize the joy of bathing with a classic touch! The Handy Indoor Washer features an old-school rubber nozzle that effortlessly attaches to the end of your tap or mixer, ensuring a secure connection for a hassle-free bathing experience.

🚀 Versatile Shower Attachment: Transform your bathtub into a doggie spa! The opposite end of the Handy Indoor Washer serves as a shower attachment, allowing you to provide a thorough and gentle shower to your pup.

📏 Extended Length for Maximum Reach: Navigate every nook and cranny effortlessly! With a full length of 1.3m and a tube length of 1.1m, our Handy Indoor Washer provides an extended reach, making it easy to access different spots on your doggie with precision and efficiency.

🌡️ Temperature-Adjustable with Mixer Connection: Ensure your doggie’s comfort with appropriately tempered water. Connect the Handy Indoor Washer to your mixer for the flexibility to control water temperature, making bath time a soothing experience.

⚖️ Lightweight and Durable Build: Weighing in at around 135g-140g, the Handy Indoor Washer is lightweight yet sturdy. Crafted from quality ABS and PVC materials, it guarantees durability and longevity for repeated use.

🛍️ Why Choose the Handy Indoor Washer?

  • 🛁 Convenience Redefined: Simplify doggie bathing with a user-friendly design.
  • 🔄 Time-Efficient: The extended length ensures quick and thorough cleaning.
  • 🌟 Temperature Control: Connect to your mixer for the perfect bathing temperature.

🚿 Revolutionize Doggie Bath Time – Style!

Visit to explore the Handy Indoor Washer, where bathing your doggie becomes a stress-free and enjoyable experience! 🐾🚿

7 reviews for Handy Indoor Washer

  1. Ericka (verified owner)

    The results are noticeable almost immediately.

  2. Bryana (verified owner)

    It’s made my life so much more organized.

  3. Retta (verified owner)

    It’s ineffective and a waste of money.

  4. Carmen (verified owner)

    The product is reliable and consistent.

  5. Hein (verified owner)

    Responsive and attentive – a pleasure to work with.

  6. Virginie (verified owner)

    I’ve received compliments on it from everyone who sees it.

  7. Carey (verified owner)

    My furry family member is on cloud nine thanks to your wonderful products. I’m so grateful for the exceptional service and fast delivery! Like I actually cannot tell you how much she loves a warm bath.

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Handy Indoor Washer
Original price was: R149.00.Current price is: R129.00.

Availability: 10 in stock

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